Classic ice cream shop with laboratory = 7+1 STEPS TO SALE: Ingredients Weighing Mixer Pasteurizer Refrigerator  Batch Freezer Blast Freezer Display Cabinet (daily defrosting needed) Nigthly storage in freezer. Minimum investment 70-80,000 Euro, Surface 40-50 mq (450-550 Square Feet), Staff 2-3 employees, 8-10 KW three-phase INDUSTRIAL power input.
Time to serve Gelato from start: several hours.
Operators must be trained.

ALBERTO GELATO SYSTEM = 2 STEPS TO SALE: Liquid Gelato Batch Freezer Display Cabinet (no defrosting).
Typical investment 20,000 Euro, Surface 1-2 mq (12-25 Square Feet), Staff 1 employee, 1.3 KW single-phase HOME power input. Save 15 tons per year on CO2 emissions per point of sale.
Time to serve Gelato from start: 20 minutes.
No training needed for the operator.

Apparecchiature Alberto Gelato